[Edu-sig] Future of CP4E after CNRI?

Art Siegel siegel@eico.com
Thu, 13 Jul 2000 16:00:40 -0400

>> I'm watching what _you_do, as much as anyone.

Where I happen to be at the moment is back with my
student hat on - specifically JPython/Java.  I am still
mid-stream, having much f_n, see much CP4E relevancy.

The only thing I am ready to say now, is just that the process
has confirmed what I expected.  Taking on Java was relative cake,
given a understanding of OOP developed through Python.

To some extent I am feeling more like one of the big boys - in
that most of what I'm doing in JPython I could do (i.e, am capable of
doing)in Java directly if I so chose (not true for me of C and CPython).  It
just happens Java often seems the longer, less elegant route.

I am trying to keep my eye on the CP4E ball in the process, and will report

PS - There is now a fully functional JPyGeo, but I will spare the group.