[Edu-sig] Perhaps we need a Python tutorial with this approach...

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Tue, 20 Jun 2000 10:57:44 -0500

Perhaps a writer out there would like to take this approach?

From a review of the book "Who's Afraid of C++?" by Steve Heller:

In his unique approach, Steve Heller presents programming concepts and
information as a conversation between teacher and student.

Breaking with traditional lecture-on-paper format, Heller demystifies
computers, programming, and C++ for absolute beginners. That's right -- he
recruited a full-fledged novice user, capable of little more than e-mail
and word processing, and turned her into a decent programmer while
reviewing this book. (She became Mrs. Heller shortly after that.) Any
computer owner with time, the ability to follow directions, and the
willingness to learn could also become a programmer.

The resulting text is more of a collaboration, or a commentary. Steve, the
author, presents his information and then Susan, the novice, interrupts to
ask questions. The big gamble is that her questions are the same that the
average reader would ask. It largely pays off, only occasionally belaboring
a point. (To be fair, it could also be called 'reinforcing a point.')

(more to the review...and reader comments follow at the link given above)

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