[Edu-sig] C++ As a First Language

Tim Peters tim_one@email.msn.com
Thu, 2 Mar 2000 00:09:35 -0500

[Bruce Eckel, commenting on Stroustrup's "int main() { ... }" without
 a return, that blew up under Tim's compiler for that reason]

> This is actually correct ISO C++; there is a special case
> for main() that allows you to leave out the return
> statement and it defaults to return 0. If it doesn't
> compile, it means your compiler is broken.

Yet another killer argument in favor of C++ as a first language.  Or,
really, two:  compilers implement different languages, and a function named
"main" follows different rules because ... umm ... well ... because its name
is "main" <wink>.

> Not defending C++ over Python in any way, however.

I use both languages daily, and have for years -- there's *plenty* to be
said in favor of C++.  As a first language, though -- brrrrrr.

    better-first-language-than-c-ly y'rs  - tim