[Edu-sig] Re: "Killer Apps" vs. CP4E

Kirby Urner pdx4d@teleport.com
Fri, 03 Mar 2000 16:55:37 -0800

>Since I am the one whose used the term killer app, and did implicitly
>invite you to think about collaborating on some code and concepts, I take
>the above a little personally.

Sorry you chose to take it personally.  "Killer app" is a common
term of art, and we've seen more than one post to this list 
suggesting we might all want to get together and collaborate 
on some large project, of one kind or another.

I want to make clear what my own motivations are.  Others have 
other motivations.

My <SOAP BOX> tags were meant to indicate that I was meaning to be 
polemical, state my case strongly, but I hoped constructively.

>And highly resent it.
>If this isn't fun, its nothing - from my perspective.  And remarks
>like that - whoever you may have been thinking of  -  kill it for me.

On the other hand, you have indicated that you and I have some
fundamental difference in our respective approaches to geometry, 
and you claimed Euclid for your camp, while dismissing mine as

This seemed a prejudicial and distancing remark.  I responded 
without a lot of rancor or resentment at what I might have 
taken personally, as a slap in the face.


PS:  I don't give you Euclid by the way.  As far as I'm concerned, 
he's as much in my camp as in yours.