[Edu-sig] Caligari's 3D

Arthur Siegel siegel@eico.com
Sat, 4 Mar 2000 13:32:40 -0500

I looked at Caligari in an early release  - and either before
it had Python scripting or before I knoew anything of Python.

But what I have found generally of the high end 3D modellers is that you can
define objects willy-nilly, but not relationships that stick, and certainly
not if you have any interest in working with planar concepts.

Could I define with Caligari and its Python scripting a plane determined by
three points, a sphere, and the circle that is determined if and when the
sphere and plane

Or that kind off thing.

And yes the post was right on point.

And yes it was good to know you are taking an interest in the
sometimes mad proceedings.