[Edu-sig] re: New game in town

Stephen R. Figgins fig@oreilly.com
Wed, 15 Mar 2000 09:15:48 -0800

Arthur writes: 

>Sort of a Python Gamelan. Ambitious, would be great - but I don't
>think the Python communioty is up to it.

Perhaps not.  It probably isn't a way that we are used to thinking.  A
Python Gamelan with complexity ratings would be interesting.  But more
important is probably the shift in thinking.

Something I have had to learn as a parent is how to include my
children in more of what I do.  This often means finding work
appropriate to their ability and leaving it for them to do.  That
slows me down a bit, but it helps my children discover new things and
helps along their self esteem.  They want to feel included.

While our relationship to those who wish to learn Python is not really
the same as parent's, it can be seen as a sort of mentoring thing.  It
is a challenge to think about how those new to the language, or
intermediate to the language can be included in the work.  One of the
more advanced project members could probably get it done quicker, it
may be trivial for them, leaving it may slow things down some, but in
the end, you would end up with more competent hackers.

The database idea I had would be one way of getting new people into
appropriate projects.  

>Nothing put forward on this list has been given any serious attention by the
>folks who matter.

I don't know.  I think that we are the folks who matter.  I think some
of the suggestions here have been great.  While they may not all be
something that Guido can work into CP4E, we don't have to let them
fade off into the abyss either.  

I am working with O'Reilly Network to put together a Python
Developer's Center.  I am thinking about putting together a
database for that developer's center.  Anyone out there interested in
giving me a hand with that?  I think I will start with a list of
interesting tools and projects divided into categories and rated on
what level of programmer they might be appropriate for. 

I could use your suggestions.  What code should we include?  What
kinds of ratings (besides complexity) would be useful?  An educational
value?  Openness of a project to those new to programming?  

Stephen R. Figgins