[Edu-sig] *2* SF Bay Area Python education events

Wesley J. Chun wesc@alpha.ece.ucsb.edu
Wed, 15 Mar 2000 13:48:15 -0800 (PST)

1. BayPIGgies (San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley
    Python Interest Group) monthly meeting... if you're in
    the Northern California area tonite, you can come to
    Mountain View, CA to hear Guido give his talk on CP4E
    as well as Python Futures and Q&A:

    When:   (today) Wednesday, March 15, 2000, 8pm

    Where:  Mountain View, CA

    Who:    special guest speaker, Guido van Rossum,
	    creator of Python!

    What:   Guido will discuss the following topics: 

	    1. Computer Programming For Everybody 
	    2. Python Futures (1.6, etc.)
	    3. Python Q&A 

    Info:   for more, see the BayPIGgies website:

	    public transit directions and map can be
	    found at: http://linuxmafia.com/bale/

2.  another UC Santa Cruz Extension Python course in Silicon
    Valley, Spring quarter 2000:  speaking of teaching/learning

    for those of you interested Python training and are able
    to make it to Northern California, due to the popularity
    of its first Python course, UC Santa Cruz has decided to
    offer this course again in Silicon Valley, so if you know
    anyone who wishes to get up-to-speed quickly on Python or
    those self-taught who perhaps would like to fill-in any
    missing gaps, this would be a good opportunity.

    the maximum enrollment is set at 50, and their rate ($400)
    is pretty reasonable, being a public institution and all.
    (shameless plug:  i am also available to contract for
    corporate training services too if there too many people
    from your company or if you're too far away!)

    the website below is not 100% accurate but close enough!

    When:   Tuesdays, April 4 - May 30, 2000, 6:30pm-9:30pm

    Where:  Sunnyvale, CA

    Who:    Wesley Chun

    What:   intro to Python, data types, statements, errors
	    and exception handling, functions and modules,
	    OOP and classes, execution environment, regular
	    expressions, network/Internet progamming, inter-
	    facing to your operating system, creating GUIs
	    with Tkinter, intro to JPython, and Extending

    Info:   for more info, see the UCSC Extension
	    website for the next Python course: