[Edu-sig] Software Engineering for everyone?

Greg Ward gward@cnri.reston.va.us
Tue, 21 Mar 2000 14:04:22 -0500

[oops, sent this to Dinu personally -- meant to send it to the list,
 here 'tis]

On 21 March 2000, Dinu C. Gherman said:
> I found this two days ago while surfing the SEI web site
> and think it might be of interest to some people in this
> group. Although definitely aiming at higher academic edu-
> cation the SEI (Software Engineering Institute at CMU)
> addresses many concerns in the introduction below (as well
> as in other parts of the document) that match very  well 
> with the motivation behind CP4E as I understand it.

Remember, the "E" stands for "everyone", and full-bore,
industrial-strength "software engineering" is most definitely not for

(Yes, it *is* something that needs to be taught to prospective
professional programmers as part of their undergraduate degree: the
ability to write solid, maintainable code is at least as essential as
the ability to understand quicksort.  Good coding practices are
certainly the first step on the road to full-scale "software
engineering", and good coding practices are something that CP4E should
emphasise.  But there's no need to go all the way -- after C++, the best
way to discourage people from programming is probably forcing them to do
requirements analysis or write test suites.  *yaawn*)

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