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Dennis E. Hamilton infonuovo@email.com
Sun, 14 May 2000 21:42:06 -0700

Oops, I just read the DocBook book Copyright notice and the book itself
is not open-source, even though it is published on-line.  (It doesn't
provide an automatic license for redistribution or derivative works,
hence the failure to be open-source.)

I don't think that is a defect with regard to the availability of the
DocBook DTD, the definition of the format, etc., all being publicly
available, as well as a number of tools that are available as

By the way, DocBook is adopted as a recommended format by the
Open-Source Writers Group, people who want to promote and interchange
open-source documentation of open-source software.

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 even the book, DocBook, is an open-source publication (created using