[Edu-sig] Re: Intro to Crypto (Python, kid/beginner focus)

Kirby Urner urner@alumni.Princeton.EDU
Tue, 28 Nov 2000 12:55:10 -0800

Kirby Urner <urner@alumni.princeton.edu> wrote:

>A lot of the background reading is on the web pages
>linked from the URL below, which contains mostly 
>Python source code.

Actually, not any more -- I've just upgraded this 
page (*) to contain a better narrative:code ratio.  
It's actually quite readable now, with most of 
the source code kept in the back, for those wanting 
to read it (and/or copy/execute it).

This is one of several web pages from the Oregon 
Curriculum Network, developed in part to assist 
homeschoolers with math-related curriculum. But 
I'm not exclusively so focussed (e.g. my own 
daughter goes to a public school, and I'm thinking 
of her and her peers just as much -- went over
there recently to install Python for the iMac).

The Python aspect wasn't part of this site at the
outset -- although using *some* computer language 
always was.  I came to Python late in my game, and 
quickly recognized it for having the key features 
I was looking for in a teaching language, chiefly 
a command line interface (CLI) and an easy way 
of implementing many of the object-oriented 
programming concepts (OO).


* http://www.inetarena.com/~pdx4d/ocn/clubhouse.html