[Edu-sig] Now I went and did it

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Sun, 8 Oct 2000 16:29:26 -0500

Jason wrote - 

>Yes I'd love to.. my idea for GeoLogo or PyTurtle as Kirby suggested.... 

PyGeo is plain old geometry - though not plain old plane geometry.  I've 
already fought this battle with Kirby.  I believe geometry education should 
the historical development - for many reasons.  Among them - the best sense I 
have of the history of civilization is through some understanding of a history

of geometry's development. I would go further and say that in many ways that is

precisely the importance of geometry study  -  and the same was true in 
Euclid's time. Euclid was a summing up, and a history lesson in its time - the

way I look at it . 
It was interesting to me that Stephen Figgins' take on Kirby's curriculum in 
some way re-iterated my own.  Its elementary programming, elementary math, and

advanced geometry.  Doesn't seem advanced to Kirby because he understands it. 
But I am convinced he is starting in the middle of the geometry story, and 
folks, especially young folks, have no way to follow him there. Its almost as 
if he is asking to be taken on faith. I think it is holding back acceptance of

his curriculum - but again I've told him that already.   

The one significant place I continue to not be onboard with Kirby. He seems to

live gracefully  with that, and so can I.

>If people in some necks of some woods don't believe a change is gonna come,
>in others such as Asia, and in Korea for certain, they are wasting not a
>single moment to take advantage.

As it happens I spent some time last fall working in Beirut (little scary for a

nice Jewish boy) with a large private educational institution - more on 
business than
on curriculum matters (the endowment is controlled in the US) .  But  did get 
to talk with the folks doing technology in the classroom stuff, and I can 
assure they are
ahead of what I've seen here.  Using Geometer's SkecthPad, for example , as a 
matter of course.  

>Please, I would also like to see your Java examples.

I'll send you JavaGeo with some demos under seperate cover.