[Edu-sig] More re (+ Scheme Python)

Kirby Urner pdx4d@teleport.com
Mon, 09 Oct 2000 16:28:34 -0700

>I continue to have the impression (I think it's more than a mere
>prejudice, as I've been doing some studying) that Scheme is more
>academic and less interested in venturing into the rough and tumble 
>world of writing to sockets, encryption, XML, unicode, working with 
>various kinds of GUI widget, than is Python.

I find the newest version of DrScheme (from Rice U) goes further 
into some of these topics.  There's a GUI object toolkit (widgets),
some XML support, plus a tutorial on how to write CGI programs.

Given what appears to be a highly OO flavor to the widgets (similar
to Python's), I'm going to have to look again at how to implement 
objects as instances of classes (organized in a hierarchy) in this 
flavor of Scheme.