[Edu-sig] Re: Around again

asiegel@eico.com asiegel@eico.com
Sat, 16 Sep 2000 14:00:45 -0500

Kirby  --

As much as I enjoy disagreeing with you, I can't find much of a basis 
with your post.

When I talk about the creative curriculum work being done with Python I 
have you prominently in mind.  (And I of course know you actually  agree with 
the full
degree of my polemics, and are just a less disagreeable sort).

So I will agree that to the extent my constitution allows it, I will attempt
to limit my contriubution to the CP4E list to the question of how,if at all,
I might contribute to CP4E, in a way in which I happen to be comfortable.

In that spirit - can I ask you to elaborate on your efforts. But beyond 
matters, perhaps.  In the spirit of the latest phase of Python, what I am
particularly interested in at this point is your work viewed as a venture 
(profit-making or not,
not being the point) - and what in the ideal world could I or others
do to support you in furthering your efforts.