[Edu-sig] More Pythonic Precalculus (Python 2.0)

Kirby Urner urner@alumni.Princeton.EDU
Fri, 22 Sep 2000 20:06:20 -0700

I posted a follow-up today re Pythonic Precalculus, part of
the edu-sig@python.org "math through programming" thread.
Also tightened the code some (I'm not a true Python guru, 
but am learning a lot making these web pages).  

The whole point is to use zip() and list comprehension, 
new in Python 2.0 -- so don't expect the code to be backward
compatible, cuz it ain't.

contains some of my chatter.  Both of my posts under this
heading point to the web page where I show code and graphics
together (same look as my 'Numeracy + Computer Literacy'

Kirby Urner
Oregon Curriculum Network