[Edu-sig] Girls, women and Programming (- and Python)

Phillip Kent p.kent@mail.com
Tue, 06 Aug 2002 11:57:46 +0100

At 11:32 AM 8/4/02 -0400, Clark C . Evans wrote:

>| 1) Why are there so few girl and women interested in programming?
>| (look, for instance, at the list of partiicipants of all those mailing
>| lists)
>In the U.S. this is mostly cultural, programming is a "boy" thing
>since it is "technical"....

Hello All,

Good reading on this is:

Sherry Turkle and Seymour Papert,
Epistemological pluralism and the revaluation of the concrete

Online version at: http://www.papert.com/articles/EpistemologicalPluralism.html

The paper also appears in Harel & Papert (Eds), "Constructionism" (Ablex 
Publishing 1992) - a wonderful collection of articles produced in the first 
decade of MIT's Epistemology & Learning Group.

Sherry Turkle is, I think, one of the best-known writers about the 
girls/computers issue - see for example "Life on the Screen".

Seymour Papert is, for me, the greatest writer and one of the greatest 
researchers on computers and learning - see www.papert.com for starters.

- Phillip

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