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djr djrassoc01@mindspring.com
Fri, 26 Jul 2002 00:49:16 -0500

Mitchell L Model wrote:

> Just joined list ...  I would be delighted to hear recommendations for other books,

I think that Non-Programmers Tutorial For Python by Josh Cogliati,
Copyright(c) 1999-2002 Josh Cogliati
at: http://www.honors.montana.edu/~jjc/easytut/easytut/
is a particular clear exposition.

I think it is important that enthusiasm on the part of the teacher
for a particular language doesn't in the student's head get turned into
a belief that there is only one valid choice for a computer
language. Students, even those who are not headed toward a
programming focus of education, need to be left open to thinking
of other languages as possible (and maybe even appropriate)
choices depending on the situation.

When they are programming their microwave or Tivo or whatever,
they should be able to recognize that they are engaged in an
activity which is similar to other programming activities that
they have seen -- even if it isn't an object-oriented approach, for


Dr. David J. Ritchie, Sr.