[Edu-sig] Re: Converting from Qbasic

Burley, Brent Burley, Brent" <Brent.Burley@disney.com
Mon, 06 May 2002 08:47:16 -0700

Seth David Schoen wrote:
> I'd like to find some cheap digital I/O cards with simple and
> well-documented interfaces and then try to get them working with
> Python.  The parallel port is great, and widely available, but
> it's not exactly state-of-the-art and not convenient for controlling
> or accepting input from many devices at once.

How about the PC joystick port?  Can't get much cheaper than that! And
it's also very well documented.  ;-)  There are 4 digital inputs and 4
analog inputs.  The analog inputs actually aren't very good at doing
analog input, but they can easily be used as digital (pulse) outputs.

I also found this site with a lot of dedicated interface offerings: