[Edu-sig] Re: PyOpenGL etc. in Python 2.3 (Windows)

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Wed Aug 6 11:28:53 EDT 2003

> >Maybe others like small footprint too and don't include optional
>>packages into  the core distro ;)
> Markus

>Yeah, but....

Or perhaps something small can be taken from win32all, or written as a
platform specific extension to disutils.

Taking up the cause of Windows users, and those trying to reach Windows
users, is not a very sexy position to be in in an Open Source community.

And I couldn't have much to say until I understood disutils well enough.

Now, I think I can say without the fear that I am missing something
fundamental (who knows), that disutils - having come along way quickly -
still does not address some fundamental issues.  And I am not sure how it
can ever address both Windows and non-Windows standards and expectations
without some added functionality that specifically addresses some of the
quirks of the Windows platform and its user base.

And it happens that with win32all installed, I think all fundamentals can be

What more minimal code might be sufficient .... not my job, though I would
try to help if I could.


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