[Edu-sig] computer courses to math majors...

rmangaliag at slu.edu.ph rmangaliag at slu.edu.ph
Thu Aug 7 15:59:11 EDT 2003

i've been tasked by my department head (computer application department) to 
identify computer subjects that can be given to math majors (bachelor's degree) 
in our small university... we are currently in a transition phase (because of 
the change in the curriculum...

these are my thoughts...

comp 101 -- basic computer concepts/information technology
(this is an intro to computers with wordprocessing and basic spreadsheet)
comp 102 -- computer programming I 
(finally, i was able to convince my department head to "embrace" python)
comp 103 -- computer programming II
(what do you think about this??? -- i'm thinking of including vpython and/or 
pygeo here...)

can you comment on these (esp. comp 102 and 103)??

and can you please give me some resources/links where i can pattern the 
syllabus of the said subjects???



ps... we can ask for an inclusion of another math/computer subject (possibly 
comp 104)... what other math/python topics can i include???
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