[Edu-sig] Re: [Visualpython-users] Close, but no cigar

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Sat Aug 9 21:03:06 EDT 2003

Bruce -

> I'm not sure I understand the distutils issues you're raising. Are you
> saying that I should be using distutils, or are you saying that you
> understand why I can't use this mechanism, but wish it were possible?

I am agreeing that in fact you have little choice but to go beyond disutils
to accomplish the reasonable things you want to accomplish (and some of the
unreasonable things, as well ;).  I am expressing frustration on that point,
because the things that disutils *can't* do for you seem relatively minor,
but  - I agree with you - are important for adequately addressing the
reasonable needs of your user base.

And expressing some impotence in the face of the situation - because I am
not adequately configured to do much more than point to the issue. Not solve
it. That can be taken as unreasonable and unnecessary  assault on the people
who are making concrete contributions, in code, to building a distribution
system for python modules and applications.  Or, as I intend it,   my own
best effort to contribute to the effort by bringing to the fore some use
case issues.

As to my other rant - the default start-up mode for IDLE.  What can I say.
Perhaps I shouldn't be nasty.  But you seem hard to get through to.

You are effecting all users for all purposes by imposing your preference on
IDLE on anyone who happens to download VPython for any reason.

It amazes me that you don't seem to see that it is your responsibility to
instruct your users on how to change the default on their machines to the
preferences you prefer. Not impose your preferences over that of the
Developer of IDLE, and for all people who download software -which you
didn't write, own or control (visual or IDLE) - from your site.


Seems to me you should.


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