[Edu-sig] re: Close, but no cigar

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Sat Aug 9 23:05:23 EDT 2003


>I've tried in various forums to explain what data these decisions are
>based on, and I won't repeat all of that here.


>>I simply can't stomach to reply directly to Bruce's comments about the
>>data"  supporting his view - in light, among other things,  of the div
>>perator argument background, where his "data" seemed to be so >>

Sorry folks.

Fuses blown.

This is not the first time this scientist has insulted science with his
"data"  - data which, under his version of the scientific method ,will
always unambigously support and confirm his petty prejudices and half-baked

I label my half-baked conclusions and petty prejudices "Zen". Gives me some
wiggle room anyway.

And leaves me in a position to say that perhaps I respect the scientific
method and its significance more then do some scientists.

And with the zeal of a convert.

If anybody cares at all as to what all my screaming has been about for these
years now.


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