[Edu-sig] Teaching Python in adult ed course

Kent Johnson kent at pondview.mv.com
Thu Dec 4 11:30:26 EST 2003


I am a professional programmer who is passionate about Python. I have a gift for teaching but little 
formal teaching experience.

I am planning an adult education course that will be an introduction to programming in Python. 
The biggest challenge I see is to actually teach a meaningful chunk of programming in a very 
limited time - 6 to 8 classes with learners with a variety of background and interest levels.

I am thinking about using the LiveWires worksheets as the basic curriculum. It is appealing 
because of its brevity and the use of graphics as a teaching tool. I think I could use each activity 
sheet as the basis for one class and followup work.

Does anyone in the group have experience with teaching Python this way? Are there other 
resources I should consider? Any insight into what might motivate an adult to start learning to 

Thanks for any help,

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