[Edu-sig] Checking an assumption

Josh English english at spiritone.com
Thu Dec 4 23:50:52 EST 2003

I'm a lurker on this list. I joined because I was on track to become a
high school level mathematics teacher and I use Python frequently. I am
currently a graduate student and I'm working on a final project for the
term. I am creating a rough draft of a curriculum that would teach
Statistics and Python in the same class. I'm basing this off of two assumptions:
1) Students in a statistics class do not need the practice of repetitive operations.
2) The most effective way to learn something is to teach it, and
programming is functionally equivalent to teaching a subject.

I think that these assumptions are good enough to start with, but I'd
like to hear some other opinions about them. Is programming in any
language the functional equivalent to teaching a procedural method?

Thanks for any advice,
Josh English
english at spiritone.com

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