[Edu-sig] Soya 3D library

Dethe Elza dethe.elza at blastradius.com
Tue Dec 9 16:42:52 EST 2003

I don't recall seeing this before.

via Daily Python-URL:


oya 3D is a high-level 3D engine for Python, designed with games in 
Soya is written partly in Python and partly in C; our goal is to 
provide a full architecture for making free (GPL) game of professionnal 
quality entirely in Python.
Other tools, in the same spirit, will follow (watch for a network game 
engine soon !).

3D rendering relies on OpenGL, and setting up on SDL.

The engine is fully object oriented, high level (even more than 
traditional "scene graphs") and practical.

There are windows binaries (which don't help me any) and source.  I 
haven't gotten the source up and running on OS X yet, but I'll look 
into it further.  This looks like an interesting alternative to VPython 
and Blender.


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