[Edu-sig] re: Draft of a funding request

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Wed Dec 10 20:39:28 EST 2003

>To me, this is why Python deserves and gets the $2 mil.

Me more - 

$2 mil is a lot of money.  Gets juices flowing.

Were I doing the proposal I would state, as an example of the kind of
Python3.0 work that might go into the development sprints, the effort at the
integration of the full range of the current Numeric's functionality as a
core Python module. Inclusive of whatever changes to core Python, if any,
that might be necessary to accomplish that integration as elegantly as

a) Because that would be a very good thing.
b) Because it would provide a context within the proposal to reference some
of the significant work being done with the Python/Numeric combo in
governmental and quasi-governmental work, and in academia.

I am making eminent good sense to myself.  But then I usually do.

People pay me for this kind of advice - broadly defined.  At this point of
my life, most of the people who do so have known me for years.  And know
exactly what they are getting and not getting. 

Here, who knows.


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