[Edu-sig] re: Numarray, Python and the Universe

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Sat Dec 13 11:54:04 EST 2003

Terry - 

>I'm confused by what you meant there.  Are you saying you're
>not aware of python as a scientific programming language? It's
>pretty popular, actually.

Really nothing more than that this and other projects for which
numeric/numarray is an important component are, to me, exciting beyond most
other real world applications of Python of which I am aware.

The relevance to edu-sig, is that I think Python can by all rights consider
itself to be a important educational tool in connection with scientific
related curricula, beyond computer science itself. And that, of its own
accord, things are likely to be moving in this direction. 

And that more general awareness of the projects you list would be a good

For example, Michael McLay - in trying  to put together a major funding
proposal related to Python and education - admits to being largely unaware
of this entire aspect of Python in the real world. 

Whereas, to me, it is the lead article.


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