[Edu-sig] re: Education Arcade

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Sat Dec 13 14:37:02 EST 2003

>So far, I'm no further educated as to your specific objections.  When you
>come up with something (that's specifically yours), let me know.  I don't
>really want to read long essays.  Just give the gist.

What is the point of espousing further the gist of my Zen on this,
unsupported by scientific evidence? Not even I have stomach to hear more of
that from me.

What is clear is that whoever gets more funding will garner more
"scientific" evidence to supports their Zen.  My side doesn't have a prayer
in hell in keeping up. And I ask you to keep that in mind as the scientific
evidence begins to emerge.

I am voicing the anti-establishment view. Or what is likely to evolve as

So therefore I expect your support ;)


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