[Edu-sig] re: Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Sat Dec 13 15:29:46 EST 2003

Tony writes-

>I also think that if Python became known as the "beginner's language",
>then that would be a *much* bigger success than if it became the
>language of choice for CS1. Far more people program than take CS1

I doubt whether the folks using it in connection with the Hubble project
think of themselves as beginners in any sense.

It is a tool of choice, very much so.  With the world of possibilities open
to them.  It is important, to me, that it - and other projects like it
(there are many) - be on Python's resume as such. And why the "beginners
language" thing is a misnomer in some important ways. Though not untrue in


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