[Edu-sig] LIVEWIRES Package problems...

John Zelle john.zelle at wartburg.edu
Sun Dec 14 11:22:21 EST 2003

I have never used the LIVEWIRES material, so I don't have specific 
knowledge. I was wondering if you are running this out of IDLE. The new 
version of IDLE (by default) does not merge the event-loops of Tk 
subprocesses. This leaves some graphics packages apparently unresponsive 
when being tested interactively under IDLE. If this is your situation, 
try running IDLE with the -n switch, or try using a plain vanilla Python 
shell (not IDLE) and see if that solves the problem.

If you are not using IDLE, then just ignore this post, as it clearly 
isn't your problem :-)


BJ MacNevin wrote:

>If anyone is familiar with the Livewires package...
>I can't get the graphics windows to behave. When I run the test() then
>everything seems to be working fine. But when I try to use it this happens:
>begin_graphics()    #The graphics window opens as it does for test()
>draw(200,200)   #nothing happens. No graphics.
>And then, when the mouse is over the window there is a WAIT cursor... and if
>I click, it all stops working. DOH! Could there be a mouse driver problem?
>I have no clue at all.
>Thanks fro any suggestions!
>BJ MacNevin
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