[Edu-sig] re: Education Arcade

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Sun Dec 14 18:42:33 EST 2003

Richard writes -

>Where simulations are interesting and even exciting teaching tools
>is in the other extreme -- where the mapping from real to virtual is
>uncontroversial, but the consequences of these known interactions
>are unclear.  This is generally the case when we are simulating physics.

A nice, small non-technical and generic explanation of a physics SDK can be
found at:


Also happen to like the presentation's aesthetics.

The author, Russel Smith, created the Open Dynamics Engine (ODE):


There is a Python wrapper to ODE, but for some reason the link is not
working.  So I will mention that there is an extant copy of a Windows binary
for PyODE and Python2.3 which I had compiled, and made available some time
ago at my own site:


And, yes, I agree.


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