[Edu-sig] re: Python Programming: An Introduction to ComputerScience

Jeffrey Elkner jeff at elkner.net
Thu Dec 18 14:49:37 EST 2003

Would could be outraged, Arthur, for all the good it would do us ;-) 
Or, alternatively we could try to do something about it, like trying to
present a sensible alternative.

On Wed, 2003-12-17 at 19:37, Arthur wrote:
> Jeff writes:
> >VB is used by the Business department, which has more students than CS
> >at our school (and in the world at large, too
> Can we be outraged that VB is being taught on the public dime? VB is
> aggressively non-generic in many ways.  If Chevy decided it was in their
> business interest to have its own kind of engine which ran on witch oil, and
> the shop classes then followed up by teaching kids only how to work on
> Chevies...
> Can we be outraged that a sense of outrage is being lost as to this issue?
> Can we at least be strategically outraged ;)
> Art

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