[Edu-sig] Begin planning now for the big opportunity...

Jeffrey Elkner jeff at elkner.net
Thu Dec 18 14:57:17 EST 2003

btw.  The big opportunity for Python to make it into Business classes
will be along with the introduction of Linux.  Resistance to change will
prevent making any big inroads before that time.

But Linux is coming, and with it will be the opportunity for a lot of
other changes to ride in at the same time.

On Wed, 2003-12-17 at 19:37, Arthur wrote:
> Jeff writes:
> >VB is used by the Business department, which has more students than CS
> >at our school (and in the world at large, too
> Can we be outraged that VB is being taught on the public dime? VB is
> aggressively non-generic in many ways.  If Chevy decided it was in their
> business interest to have its own kind of engine which ran on witch oil, and
> the shop classes then followed up by teaching kids only how to work on
> Chevies...
> Can we be outraged that a sense of outrage is being lost as to this issue?
> Can we at least be strategically outraged ;)
> Art

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