[Edu-sig] Re: Edu-sig Digest, Vol 5, Issue 20

arkamir at softhome.net arkamir at softhome.net
Thu Dec 18 16:49:48 EST 2003

Only a very miniscule amount of teenagers spend time writing viruses. I 
would prefer to see 1,000 people using my program then pissing of 2 million 
just for my amusment. (Or just 1 person) I am one of the 3-5 people who can 
actually program at my school. And only 1 of 3 who can actually use linux. 
Most kids are just too dumb to program. They spend the whole day 
skateboarding and hitting on girls or gaming. They just dont care enough 
about there education. Others struggle with just the regular curriculum, and 
I dont know if teaching them to program will help.

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