[Edu-sig] re: Python Programming: An Introduction toComputerScience

Nicholas Wheeler dragoncow2 at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 18 22:18:43 EST 2003

As a student who has gone through VB first (freshmen year), and then CS1&2 
with Jeff Elkner, I can reassure you that the way the children are learning 
VB is completely useless, and none of it will stay with them. Furthermore, 
it doesn't get them interested in programming at all, and the children don't 
walk out of the class with -any- knowledge. In example, during CS1 I hadn't 
the faintest clue as to what a function was, and why they were used, and I 
was one of the "best" in the VB class. Even though in VB, we used function, 
the concepts just weren't taught. So basically the Business area is a 
failure in my eyes, and doesn't really cover programming. Unfortuantly I 
just don't see python covering the VB niche, because of it's non-visual 
nature, and I can't really see a good argument for it being in the Business 

  Nicholas Wheeler
  Yorktown Highschool
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> > And VB sucks.
> >
> > Art
>This part I agree with, and any outrage attaches to this, more than to any
>presumption regarding the impropriety of proprietary programming languages.
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