[Edu-sig] Re: Edu-sig Digest, Vol 5, Issue 20

Laura Creighton lac at strakt.com
Fri Dec 19 04:42:28 EST 2003

In a message of Thu, 18 Dec 2003 14:49:48 MST, arkamir at softhome.net writes:
>Only a very miniscule amount of teenagers spend time writing viruses. I 
>would prefer to see 1,000 people using my program then pissing of 2 milli
>just for my amusment. (Or just 1 person) I am one of the 3-5 people who c
>actually program at my school. And only 1 of 3 who can actually use linux
>Most kids are just too dumb to program. They spend the whole day 
>skateboarding and hitting on girls or gaming. They just dont care enough 
>about there education. Others struggle with just the regular curriculum, 
>I dont know if teaching them to program will help.

I am not sure if 'dumb' is the right word, though I think you understand
the problem.  I think 'bored' and 'unmotivated' might be the problem.
Now, I like creating things whenever I feel bored.  Do you think that 
we could get them interested in becoming creators -- of anything -- if
we tried?  Or do you think that this is too simplistic a solution?


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