[Edu-sig] re: NLII 2004 Annual Meeting

Jason Cunliffe jason.cunliffe at verizon.net
Sun Dec 21 20:57:04 EST 2003

> But I grant that there is something to the *idea* of learning
> objectives, even though the definitions are foolish. I see a much bigger
> problem: the learning object camp have no clue about how to actually
> re-use learning objects. They confuse *storing* with *reusing*.

Yes thanks much for your comments. That's really good point..

> The problem I've had in using learning objects is that they are often
> too much work to *configure* for my particular usage. How do I *split* a
> learning object, e.g. what if I just want half of a learning object? Or
> what if I want to remove mention of one concept because it's inaccurate
> (e.g. imagine an animation that talks about 500Mhz as being the fastest
> available computers)? What if I want to fix an error, or change a font
> to match my other presentations, or add footnotes? Know one can be sure
> ahead of time what part of learning object they may want (or need) to
> change.

Browsing quickly over this NLII and Learning Objects depressed and freaked
me out a bit.

So against the grain of my own intuition and thinking about the potential of
resources, or implicit notions of use/reuse/newuse.
And how to design and develop intelligently for that. Not just piling stuff
up based on static labels laden with dated topdown assumptions.

I believe useful tools and system architectures should be based on
fundamental communications behavior.
Two-way sharing with live metadata from dual of systemic [overview] and
subjective [personal] perspectives.
This to be coupled with view/use dialog. Using of any resource creates a
local metadata record, as well as a contributing remote record
stream/buffer. Implicit bi-directional symmetric feedback which facilitates
explicit associative private and shared editing of context and conditions.

Sorry that's rather a mouthful of buzzwords.. still working out how to
describe this well.

Zope good for the backend, Leo for code management and more.

- Jason

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