[Edu-sig] promoting computer literacy through programming python

Kirby Urner urnerk at qwest.net
Wed Dec 31 21:06:37 EST 2003

Hi John --

What a wonderful way to end the year!  What a cool thing, to have edu-sig
get the focus of a PhD dissertation -- one about the very subjects we're
most focused on.

I read the whole thing, and I like how we all come off -- a dedicated,
thoughtful bunch (you fit right in).

I hope you're planning to keep that link, or some link, alive for the
foreseeable future.  I'd like to point to it from the edu-sig page, pending
your permission.

Thank you again, for this valuable contribution.


PS:  I presume/hope your dissertation sparks a lot of new discussion.
You've given us a valuable document to work from.  And I hope it gains an
audience out there beyond our ken.

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