[Edu-sig] re: A bit o Python in Physics

Arthur ajs at optonline.net
Wed Nov 26 00:18:28 EST 2003

Jason writes:

>..or Blender could interface nicely with your friends data. >[its free]

Blender seems to me to be something of a phenonoma - in the sense that a
very considerable community of graphics artists and animators, all over the
world, has formed around it. More than other than a hand few of other
projects of which I am aware, it has quietly - in the sense that not much
notice is taken of it within the Python community itself - added to the base
of Python competents.

SPE - Stani's Python Editor

is relatively new. It is ambitious, releasing often, and the site shows
closely to 30,000 hits - in what has to be  a relatively short time period.

And I can't resist a little bit of my "rap".

As someone who took a half-hearted stab - I can assure anyone that Blender
is a bear to approach.  It is complicated and complex.  And despite having
one of the most intricate and involved GUI's I have ever seen, Python
support was added specifically because even that was found not to be
sufficient to achieve the flexibility and degree of freedom that its user
base found it craved.

It "marketshare" among computer graphics artists - properly termed 'artists'
in the sense that most, I'm sure, are pursuing their work out of compelling
interest and passion, not within commercial settings - is many orders of
magnitude greater than something like Alice.

Rich, powerful and empowering - first. Necessarily complex, then.  Friendly
only to the extent that such can be achieved without the least sacrifice of
those first principles.

A natural, therefore,  for Python compatibility.


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