[Edu-sig] Fw: [Visualpython-users] VPython and LiveZope

Dethe Elza delza at blastradius.com
Thu Oct 2 12:15:23 EDT 2003

Knoppix-based distros are pretty cool, just put the CD in and reboot.  
Your machine loads the entire OS and whatever tools it provides from 
the CD--nothing is installed to your hard drive.  Good for test driving 
tools or for making Linux-based applications available to Windows users 
without forcing them to partition their hard drives.

At work I've also seen it used as a practical joke, when my boss came 
in and found his Window machine running Linux he very nearly freaked.  
I wasn't aware of what happened, but when he asked if I knew anything 
about Knoppix I was able to tell him to just take out the CD and reboot 
and he was happily back in Windows land.

Loading a real "batteries-included" Python on a Knoppix disk would be 
great for demos, education, even the lost and forgotten Contagious Fun. 
  By building this as an ISO image we could encourage people to download 
it (from the SIG page?) and distribute it at conferences and trade 
shows to get a taste of what Python has to offer.


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