[Edu-sig] FW: Vpython and LiveZope

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Mon Oct 6 12:48:58 EDT 2003

Dethe writes:

 > And there is nothing like games to hold attention or motivate kids.

Out of the box Knoppix - from which I am sending - has a menu category 
"edutainment".  The mathematics submenu has one entry - "KGeo 
(Interactive Geometry)"  - which  might be the next best thing to you 
know what.

Games themselves are a separate menu category.

Knoppix is quite, quite nice.

And there is a small logo on boot in the lower right of the screen. A 
"K" in a circle. Means it's kosher - where I come from.

Now if I get a machine with two writeable CDs and train Knoppix to 
retrieve and burn Knoppix when it boots -do I effectively taken over the 

Or is there more to it than that.


Getting LiveZope -  which I am anxious to see -  is a problem.  The 
transfer rate I am getting from the server on which it sits is no better 
than 5kb, and it bombs if I try to run it overnight.  I will contact the 
author for suggestions.


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