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Jason Cunliffe jason.cunliffe at verizon.net
Fri Sep 5 21:51:14 EDT 2003

I'd love to work on such a book with the right team - at a project design
level, and in particular to help design and develop the schematic, graphic,
illustrative aspects. Both for print, and in Flash as Kirby suggests.

A CDROM could run a could flash one-click executable for multimedia support
but also connect to python installation, IDLE, web/html etc.

Perhaps a couple of valuable dovetail chapters might be a Jython section -
that could open up the broad topic of virtual machines, APIs, embedding,
scripting and glue-ware. Then the pragmatics. Might be a nice way to help
the two books to be sold on the same shelf, and hopefully also in the
O'Reilly racks.

I worked in publishing for 10 years before moving into multimedia and web,
but boo building is close to  my heart.

- Jason

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> I noticed this book at OSCON, and spoke briefly with Tim O'Reilly
> about it.  He was interested in doing a Python version if a good
> author (or more likely a good team of authors) would present itself.
> Any takers?
> --Guido van Rossum (home page: http://www.python.org/~guido/)

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