[Edu-sig] How to explore Tkinter interactively with IDLE 1.0

Kirby Urner urnerk at qwest.net
Fri Sep 26 01:09:37 EDT 2003

> Hi Kirby,
> this definitely doesn't work on my machine (Windows XP with Python 3.2)

I just downloaded 2.3.1 today or yesterday.  That couldn't be the difference
could it?  Windows XP here too.

It's true for me as well that when I first say up(), the Tk window is behind
the main one.  I see it by sliding the main one out of the way.  I don't
touch the secondary one.

The secondary window (showing the turtle) is not responsive in the usual

For example, if I hit the maximize icon, nothing happens.  But next time I
go up(), the window maximizes (i.e. the action occurs only on programmatic
refresh).  Likewise to shrink it down again (using the icon) -- the resize
event is postponed until the next turtle event.

If the secondary window minimizes to the task bar, I double-click on it.
Then I go up() or setx() or something, and it tends to return to its
previous (open) state.

If a window moves in front of the secondary window, and then is moved away,
the secondary window will not refresh and is likely blank -- until the next
turtle event.


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