[Edu-sig] re: PyCon 2004 Proposals for Presentations...

Jeffrey Elkner jeff at elkner.net
Tue Sep 30 20:20:07 EDT 2003

Hi All,

I just set up a Zwiki to help with planning for the Education Track at
PyCon 2004:


Please feel encouraged to add to it.  I'm still a relative Zwiki newbie,
so any help in making it look nicer or work better would be *greatly*
appreciated.  And the wonderful about wiki's is you don't even have to
ask for permission, just do it!

On Sat, 2003-09-27 at 16:06, Arthur wrote:
> Jeff writes:
> >There seemed to be significant interest when last I asked about this.  I
> >will be submitting two proposals myself.  Who else is interested in
> >working with me to plan for this?  Who is willing to do a presentation?
> As I had mentioned, I hope to do something on PyGeo.

> The creation of PyGeo as an adventure in self-education? Maybe trying to
> explore the concept of self-education itself - and Python, and Open Source
> and Google.  What would it take to more actively help people to learn to
> learn with these kinds of never-before-available kind of resources.
> or
> PyGeo, more simply, as something of potential interest to folks involved in/
> interested in Python and Education?
> Some combination, probably.

Sounds great.  Of the many things I love about Python, the way that it
empowers educators to create their own tools (or get their students to
do it for them ;-) is among the top.

> Right now I'm swamped trying to make ends meet - like many of us I'm sure.
> But I have to believe there will be a break in the action that will allow me
> to put together a proposal sometime between now and 12/1.

I already added you to:


(sorry of the hideously long URL)  If you get a moment, could you fill
in a few more details?  Thanks!

> Not sure I'm the right personality type to help with planning.  What kind of
> planning do you think is involved, beyond soliciting proposals?
> For best effect, I think that the solicitation might be a little pro-active.
> That is, actually contacting folks who have interesting stuff out there, and
> encouraging them to propose. Rather than leaving it to a general
> announcement.
> Is that appropriate?


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