[Edu-sig] a modest proposal.

Jim Harrison jhrsn at pitt.edu
Sat Apr 10 23:56:24 EDT 2004

on 4/10/04 8:30 PM, Arthur at ajsiegel at optonline.net wrote:

>>> Case insensitivity.
>>> One based indexing.
>>> Its numerics look like you are using a calculator.
>>> Etc.
>> I think Hypertalk covered this pretty well, depending on how much stuff is
>> in "Etc."
> Its good to know then that the perfect teaching language had already been
> invented -  and Python can go on about its business of being imperfect.
> But you refer to it in the past tense?  What was its fate.

Hypertalk was the scripting language used in Apple's HyperCard, written by
Bill Atkinson and initially released in 1987. HyperCard was last updated in
1998 and finally removed from Apple's catalog last month. It was an
influential product, inspiring, among other things, the development of
WikiWiki Webs. Kevin Altis has a comment in his weblog:


Jim Harrison
Univ. of Pittsburgh 

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