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Liow, Dr. Yihsiang yliow at ccis.edu
Tue Apr 13 09:36:48 EDT 2004

Learn C. The person(s) who told you C is dead is simply out of touch
with reality. C is *not* dead and probably will never die. Go to
sourceforge.net and take a look at the projects in C/C++. Linux, Unix,
Windows are written in C/C++.

My guess is that the people you're talking to is referring about *jobs
prospects*. There are *apparently* more jobs for Java programmers
compared to C/C++ simply because Java is used a lot in business
applications. (You can do a search on www.monsterboard.com for "Java"
and "C/C++" and compare:
C/C++: 1444
Java: more than 5000
But there are other factors to consider when you're looking for a
language because of job prospects. For instance the *number* of C/C++
programmers. It's an issue of supply and demand. Some schools are not
teaching C/C++ anymore. Which means C/C++ programming skill will be more
valuable. Furthermore, I believe that Python is a much better language
than Java when it comes to business applications (and in other areas).
So who knows what will happen to Java in the next 5-10 years?

You mentioned learning a low level language. Well, C would be the best.
You might also want to look into game programming using C/C++. Game
programming does get you into some low level stuff. Besides, it's a lot
of fun.

- Yihsiang

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  Ive been sitting in the sidelines of this mailing list for some
and I know this has probably been asked but I was wondering whichone
be more adventagous to learn out of C and Java. I am afreshman in 
highschool, and am profecient in Python. I know there are awhole slew of

other languages out there, but I am researching intobuilding a robot as
tool for learning a low level language, and thoseare the only languages 
supported. I've heard a lot about how C is deadand Java's open source 
compiler/libs lacking. Learning see C would begood for kernel hacking if
ever get into it, but I'm most likely goingto have to learn Java for my
tests anyways. 

Thanks A Lot 


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