[Edu-sig] pythonized institutions

Jason Cunliffe jason.cunliffe at verizon.net
Thu Apr 15 12:49:05 EDT 2004

> I am looking for a list of institutions which officially uses Python or
> programs written in Python as pedagogical tools (not limited to computer
> science teaching).
> I might be soon in contact with some persons of the French National
> Education Administration and would like to inform them about the power of
> Python :-)

Vincent, you might find it helpful to contact Jerome Alet who I think works
at Faculté de Médecine de Nice

He is a Zope user/developer for educational institution. My guess is he
might be familiar who else to contact in France, and maybe internationally.

Zope is a good access point for researching institutional uses of Python.
for example poke into the listed Zope users at
The Zope mailing list is incredibly responsive.so worth posting there also.

And similarly Plone users, which is an excellent new website extension for
Zope. Plone is popular for example in Korea, where Python is also gaining
instutional recognition.

Most of the Zope adopters tend to be people who already use and love Python.
That's why I suggest it is a good institutional indicator.

-- Jason

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