[Edu-sig] Re: Question ?

Daniel Ajoy dajoy at openworldlearning.org
Sat Apr 17 15:43:23 EDT 2004

On 17 Apr 2004 at 10:08, Marilyn Davis wrote:

> > > Oh no no no.  It has to be something uninteresting, uncreative and
> > > unproductive, a spectator sport, like watching football on TV.
> > 
> > Modern education?
> Yeh, good point.  But maybe more opposite is war -- destructive,
> physical, violent.


Aren't missiles directed by programs?
Isn't "Doom" a violent computer program?
Is launching a missil cross the ocean physical?
Isn't righting intivirus/antispam/virus/span 
programs like participating in a war (without the
dead bodies, though)?


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