[Edu-sig] The war against boys

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Sun Apr 18 13:23:46 EDT 2004

Unfortunately, it sometimes seems that the only way to gain traction in
these kinds of arguments is to claim victim hood.

Don't like the trend, and suspect I am contributing to it with this post.

But it comes honestly.  Another of my sisters, with impeccable
activist/progressive/feminist credentials could not help trying to come to
terms with the trouble her clearly gifted son was having at school,
especially in comparison to the easy adjustment being made by her daughter.

She told me I had to read "The War Against Boys".  She thought it relevant
to me, because of 4 siblings, I - the only male - was the least academically
inclined/achieved.  And nobody suspected that native intelligence was the

Anyway, the issues are self-explanatory, and in my mind, relevant to the
current discussion:



is a conservatives thinkers review of the book. Only because that's what
came up first on a quick google.  

But the issue clearly transcends categorization along traditional political
lines. The semantics of folks with different political bents will vary more
widely than the substance of their thinking on these kinds of matters - it
seems to me.


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