[Edu-sig] K-2 Python Project

Joel Kahn jj2kk4 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 21 16:11:10 EDT 2004

Jeff Sandys wrote:

>Tell me more about what 
>you plan to accomplish 
>if you got funding.  
>I have found that even 
>Logo programming is a 
>challenge for students 
>in the K-2 age group.

I agree with Jeff's basic point here, and this is what
makes my project idea both a very important
opportunity and a serious challenge. As one of the
possibilities, I'm thinking of doing a series of
workshops with elementary school teachers--especially
art teachers--in which I would demonstrate Python
tools like Tk Turtle and Vpython. (I'm open to
suggestions about other modules that may be useful.)
The participant feedback from such get-togethers could
become a valuable resource for further work.


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