[Edu-sig] How do we tell truths that might hurt

Anna Ravenscroft anna at aleax.it
Thu Apr 22 08:25:07 EDT 2004

On Thursday 22 April 2004 04:27, Arthur wrote:

> What I do think is important is a vastly improved math and science
> curriculum, particularly for the non math and science specialist.  And I 
> think about it mostly at the college level.

I agree with this - except I think it needs to start at the gradeschool level. 
Math and science need a solid base on which to add. 

> I believe a rudimentary understanding of programming - in a language like
> Python - can be leveraged to achieve much more important goals, in the
> educational process, than that of a rudimentary understanding of
> programming in and of itself. In math and science education.

Algorithmic thinking is useful in all areas, I believe. I think it can be 
helpful in much more than simply math and science education.


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